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Bingus is a prominent Jakr figure and the head of the Religion and Expansion branch. In Jakr religion Bingus is seen as a god, despite this, he is not one. Bingus always wears a large brown suit. Bingus is very tall, being around 4 meters in height.


Bingus was born at an unknown time period in an unknown city, presumably New Flop City in the state of Gushattan. He was born into a life of poverty where he spent most of his time selling newspapers. Eventually, after saving up enough money, he went to college at age 18.

After graduating college with multiple degrees, his most prominent one being Religious Science and Flopology. Around this time Bingus began searching for job.

Bingus, desperate for job, put an add out on YouTube looking for employment, in this video he shows off his skills and degrees. Jakeopod, impressed with his skills, sends a Floppa to give him an interview.

Bingus passes the tests and gets invited into the Jakr, climbing the ranks until eventually becoming lead of one of the branches.

Bingus eventually discovers his long lost brother, Bongus and invites him into the Jakr. Bingus also made a massive underground railroad network from the home Jakr home continent, Jake'thar, to Mooheim and the Jakr land in Floparica, this railroad is known as the Bingus Super Network. Bingus also created the blueprints of the statue of Floppa.

Bingus lives along with Big Floppa, Jakeopod, Giant Enemy Spider, Mrs Floppa, and his brother in the The National Jakr Mansion. Bingus spends the most time in the mansion planning things in his large private quarters.


Bingus speaks in a British accent. Bingus speaks very formally and has a lot of manners. Bingus has high tastes. He also is somewhat arrogant. Bingus likes to live a life of luxury with fancy foods and high quality clothes. When he is not ruling over his branch then he is living a luxurious life in saunas, watching movies in his private theater and doing other things similar to that. Despite his preferred living conditions Bingus will survive in the wild and in unfavorable conditions. Bingus is also an amazing survivalist thanks to his rough early life.